Panorama Ayl

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Wine, culture, recreation and joy
... 400 million years history of the earth

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The community of Ayl

In the middle of the quadrangle Trier-Saarbrücken-Metz-Luxembourg, at the western shore of the Saar is the community of Ayl in Rhineland-Palatine. Here, on terraces of the ice age and on steep slopes grow the world famous Riesling-wine of Ayl.

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Cultural and geographic trail

skulptur am Fluss Enjoy with all your senses the steep vineyards and the picturesque valleys of the Saar. Meet on foot or by bicycle the openhearted people and their traditions, explore the stories of places steeped in legend and the unique wines grown on 400 million years old slate.

After your discovery tour with 16 informative boards the lightness of the wine is luring: numerous wine bars offer the incomparable aromatic Rieslings of the Saar together with most delicious food.

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